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Ascend IP’s founders boast over four decades of collective intellectual property expertise, having successfully generated billions of dollars through strategic patent portfolio monetization.


Ascend IP meticulously analyzes, designs, and executes holistic programs and transactions to maximize our clients' portfolio opportunities. We’re dedicated to optimizing the value within each portfolio.

Ascend IP is a full-service IP monetization firm helping clients strategically acquire, develop, sell, enforce and license patent portfolios.

Currently managing thousands of patent assets across multiple tech sectors, Ascend IP helps patent owners of all sizes implement leading portfolio monetization programs. Ascend delivers extraordinary results for patent inventors, owners and investors through world-class strategy, execution and service.

Client Testimonials

“Ascend's dedication and expertise were instrumental to exceeding our revenue expectations, delivering results faster than our initial projections. Their tireless efforts surpassed our goals, demonstrating their commitment to our success.” 

Client Centric: CEO– Portfolio Owner

“Ascend IP’s principals are an invaluable asset at the negotiation table.  Their expertise has proven invaluable in resolving even the most intricate transaction issues. Their guidance and decision making have been indispensable in achieving successful outcomes in litigation.”

Proven: Partner - law firm

“We approached Ascend IP with a basic list of patents not knowing what to expect. They assembled a global team of experts, meticulously crafted an infringement case, secured litigation funding, engaged top-notch Counsel, and launched a robust monetization program. Their proactive approach and seamless execution turned our patents into lucrative assets freeing us to focus on our core business."

Holistic: CEO - Technology Startup

Services We Offer


Partner with Ascend IP to build your patent portfolio to its ultimate potential. Experience a seamless acquisition process guided by experts with the technical skills, transactional savvy and industry connections to maximize the value of your intellectual property holdings.

Ascend procures patents from a wide range of innovators – solo inventors, burgeoning startups, established operating companies, prestigious universities, and trusted brokers. Our acquisition structures are flexible, ranging from all-cash transactions to revenue-sharing arrangements and owner or investor-funded deals. Throughout our careers, we’ve deployed over $1.3B in acquiring over 15,000 patents. Recent successes include helping clients acquire patents from a prominent UK-based company, two pioneering Swiss startups, a leading California-based semiconductor firm, and a large patent aggregator.

What sets Ascend apart is our comprehensive approach to evaluating patent portfolios. Leveraging deep technical diligence, broad market review and diverse models, we identify the most valuable patents for your needs. Having negotiated and closed hundreds of acquisitions, we ensure that every purchase is done right. Purchasers and Sellers alike prefer to work with Ascend for our sophistication and consistent follow through.


Team up with Ascend IP to leverage our expertise in unlocking the value of your innovations, turning your patents into thriving revenue streams. Rely on our proven experience to transform your intellectual property into tangible, profitable ventures.

At Ascend, we transform patents into lucrative assets. Collaborating with a team of technical and legal experts, we plan strategic patent prosecution to optimize and steer your portfolio toward its highest value. Our process involves meticulous technical analysis, unearthing compelling evidence of use, and constructing comprehensive claim chart mappings. We don't stop there. We conduct exhaustive market analyses, identify key stakeholders primed to benefit from acquiring title rights or licensing your patents. Armed with this insight, we craft tailored go-to-market packages and strategic approaches, ensuring your patents reach the right hands for maximum monetization.

With over twenty years’ combined experience orchestrating patent portfolios into successful go-to-market programs, we excel in uncovering hidden value within small as well as expansive portfolios, spotting opportunities that others might overlook, and ingeniously monetizing them.


Entrust your patent sale process to Ascend IP to achieve the optimal value for your assets and efficiency for your team’s time. With our track record, your patents stand the best chance of commanding top dollar in the market.

At Ascend, our principals stand at the pinnacle of the global patent landscape, recognized as top-tier patent sellers and market makers throughout the past decade. Notably, during our previous tenures, we orchestrated the sale of an impressive 22,000 patent assets, encompassing 7,000 active cases, with a remarkable 10% of these active patents becoming pivotal in litigation proceedings. Our expertise lies in strategically positioning patents to buyers with protective, defensive, and assertive needs. Particularly skilled at repeat sales for large portfolio owners, we’ve sold to operating companies, non-practicing entities, patent pools, and risk mitigators.

Over nearly two decades, we’ve fostered connected relationships within an extensive network of patent buyers, esteemed law firms, proficient brokers, and leading aggregators. A recent survey underscores our prominence, revealing that 7 out of the top 10 patent monetization firms have sourced patents from our offerings.


When it’s time to enforce your patents, you need dedicated resources and a well thought-out strategy. Ascend IP is an ideal partner you can trust through the often challenging enforcement journey. Let us help protect your rights and business.

While litigation is often complex and expensive, it often becomes an essential route to showcase the value in patents. Ascend navigates the intricate terrain of litigation with expertise and precision. Collaborating closely with esteemed law firms worldwide, we specialize in crafting and implementing enforcement programs tailored to your patents and business needs. Ascend is dedicated to advising clients on strategies that mitigate risk exposure while maximizing the probability of success. Additionally, our ability to source enforcement capital removes potential barriers to pursuing valuable claims.

In the past year, Ascend's principals have overseen nearly four dozen client cases. Our experience spans district courts, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and the International Trade Commission. Moreover, we've pursued injunctions and restraining orders against parties selling infringing products on prominent e-commerce platforms.


Collaborate with Ascend IP to unleash the power of your inventions through robust and persistent licensing campaigns. From strategy inception, through value demonstration, to deal structure, negotiation and closure, Ascend IP delivers maximum licensing value for your portfolio.

Patent licensing is a mutually beneficial arrangement with the patent owner reaping deserved compensation for their innovation, while the licensee gains permitted access to commercialize the invention. Ascend excels in unlocking the licensing potential of our clients’ patents. Our proficiency lies in developing, showcasing, and deriving optimal licensing value for your intellectual property. We build infringement cases, present compelling arguments to companies using or considering use of your invention and negotiate equitable terms for their usage.

Ascend’s principals helped generate billions of dollars in licensing revenue over their careers. Since forming Ascend, we've achieved an impressive run rate, closing a record number of deals for our esteemed clients. Notably, we have closed twice as many licenses through amicable, out-of-litigation negotiations compared to in-litigation deals. Our principals excel at drafting, negotiating, and closing licensing contracts, ensuring a seamless and valuable process for our clients.

Who We Are

Riad Chummun

Founder, Principal, MS, MBA, IAM300

Riad thrives on building rich technology and patent ventures. His prestigious technical and business background spans the realms of communications, software, data, hardware and consumer electronics enabling him to evaluate and build robust intellectual property programs. Prior to co-founding Ascend IP, Riad held pivotal roles for over a decade at Intellectual Ventures, where he managed Patent Sales, Channel, and Partner Licensing. Notably, Riad steered the IP-for-Defense program, devising counter-suit strategies for companies entangled in litigation with their competitors. Riad’s strategic leadership was instrumental in building a consortium of twelve companies to acquire the Kodak portfolio out of bankruptcy for over half a billion dollars.

At IV, Riad played a key role in driving sales of tens of thousands of patent assets, assisting in multibillion-dollar capital investments through acquisitions, and generating substantial revenue through licensing and litigation initiatives. 

Before IV, Riad spent over a decade at Motorola Inc., commencing his career as a Telecommunications Engineer involved in iconic projects like the Moto Razr and Moto Rockr. He was then a licensing manager with Motorola’s IP team during the cell-phone war years. Riad managed the technology licensing program, forging partnerships with global companies integrating core mobile technologies into their products. He later navigated the division of the company's vast patent portfolio during the Freescale and Motorola Mobility separations, managed responses to infringement claims, and led outbound licensing programs. 

Riad holds a Bachelor's in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, an MS degree from the University of Connecticut, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, cementing his expertise with a diverse educational background.

Jim is truly passionate about driving patent transactions. He brings a wealth of experience managing IP strategy, acquisitions, sales and licensing transactions. Before co-founding Ascend, Jim spent nearly 15 years leading Intellectual Ventures’ Invention Investment Funds. Jim led many of IV’s successes through his roles as Vice President of Patent Sales, Licensing, Asia, and Partnerships. He built IV’s Divestitures function and played a pivotal role disaggregating the company’s vast portfolio. Jim spearheaded partner and channel licensing initiatives, expanded licensing endeavors in Asia and was a key member of the Global Licensing team.

At IV, Jim orchestrated high-stakes deals, overseeing 300 purchase and sales transactions for tens of thousands of Invention Investment Fund assets. His leadership helped deploy multibillion-dollar capital investments and generate substantial licensing revenue for the Global Licensing team.

Prior to IV, Jim was EVP at Global Market Insite, Inc. (Kantar), a global market research software company. Here, he drove worldwide licensing efforts, business development, and strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Jim's career combines diverse executive roles, including General Counsel for multiple companies, CEO of a branded merchandise company, and SVP of Licensing, Merchandising, and Legal Affairs for a global consumer products firm. 

Jim holds a BA in Business Administration from Foster School of Business at University of Washington and a J.D. from University of Washington School of Law, where he graduated Order of the Coif and an Editor of the Washington Law Review. An active member of the Washington State Bar, Jim’s consistently recognized among IAM's Strategy 300, establishing his standing as a leader in the intellectual property field.

Riad Chummun

Founder, Principal, MS, MBA, IAM300

Managing 3000 patent assets (owned and represented)

Representing a dozen portfolios in active monetization

Overseeing litigation cases in jurisdictions across the country

Inducted into the IAM’s “World’s Leading IP Strategists” select group (Jim, Riad


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